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Monday, November 19, 2007

First snow in the year(2007) at Morristown

We woke up today morning to see the whole area covered with 2-3 inches of snow! This is the first snow in Morristown this year. Time to take out the shovels to clean the car everyday - and also to get some warm-up exercise. Though not intentional, I had taken the window view from our apartment a few days before it snowed & after it snowed (I noticed this when Vishal pointed out this last day). I tried to create a collage & failed - so posting them as separate ones.

The view at the final days of Fall/Autumn

And after it snowed!

Note: All photos taken using a Nikon D50 during the mid 2 weeks of November

Monday, November 5, 2007

I inspired a blogger!

Today is a good day!

A friend of mine pinged me on google talk to send me a link; the link to his new blog - HappyMeOne

He had just started as a blogger and his first post was on "why he decided to be a blogger and what inspired him to start one" - And it was me & my photo blog - This very blog!!!

I am happy that I am able to inspire people, Thanks Sudipta for that candid 'first post' - I will cherish that for long!

Welcome to the blogger's world & happy blogging!

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