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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Green is the color

This photo was taken during a weekend trip to my home town, Nellaya. We decided to drive down this time from Bangalore through Mysore, Mudumalai, Vazhikadavu, Nilambur & Perinthalmanna. The weather was amazing, surprisingly roads were very good & neat; recently tarred; and an enjoyable experience overall.

We stopped in the Nilambur forest for some stretching and this bamboo grove caught my attention. The greenery was very soothing for the eyes and my camera captured the green as it is...

Wonderful shot - Taken at 11AM on 25th May 2007

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Rhythm divine - Sequel to Little toes

Though a sequel to Little toes, there is a story behind this...

We bought this drum from a road side vendor for Rs. 100/- (Obviously after a hard bargain...) and the idea was to gift it to my daughter so that she can have some fun time with it. Music & musical instruments are very close to my heart and I play a few of them. I personally feel that it enables people to live very close to their heart and more importantly be very human and compassionate to others. Recently I was fiddling with this drum to try the different tension levels (some habits die hard!) and figured out that it is a genuine one made out of jackfruit tree cylinder and buffalo skin and when properly tuned, it reverberates very close to Chenda (An instrument -Asuravaadyam - played in the temples in Kerala during festivals).

I feel sorry for having done so much of the hard bargain and was thinking about his situation that would have driven him to sell it to us for a meagre 100/-, if not anything I should have valued the art piece and given him a fair deal.

Little toes

I have started wondering whether I am running out of ideas; having a small baby at home and an age old car prevents me from going on long drives and I am sick of clicking in and around my house, though it is on the outskirts! We returned home yesterday to find that the power lines have snapped and it is going to be a dark night, that too on amavasi (new moon day). The backup light was on, my kiddo had thrown down her shoes and this is the outcome of an experiment with light. Taken on 16 May 2007, an evening without electricity!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Poor souls for some display

I was on this weekend trip to Bannnerghatta National park with my daughter so that I could show her some of our brothers in the wild. We opted for a Lion & Tiger Safari to have a look at them in their natural surroundings. And I was in for a rude shock when the safari started. All they have was poor caged souls with a provision of driving through the cages. The only saving grace was that the cages were huge to the size of a few acres. And what kind of "Safari" is that? I felt so sorry and sad for these poor souls who are caged in their so called "Natural Environment". Extent to which people go to make a quick buck.

The Hosur Highway

This is the photo of the much talked about Bangalore Hosur Highway. It already is a 8 lane highway and another 4 lane to be erected as an elevated one! And did we still hear that infrastructure is crumbling in Bangalore? (The truth is yes, and this is an exception)

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