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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The American Rapids

We finally made our trip to visit "Niagaraeswaran" during the weekend of 15th and 16th September. We took a conducted tour by a chinese operator and really experienced the "Jackie Chan" trip :) The view of falls was good (could have been better from Canada, but for Visa & other documentation hassles), and I was really amazed by the sheer volume of water that goes down the 3 falls (Horse shoe falls, American falls & Bridal veil falls) that constitute the Niagara.

This is the photo of the American Rapids which is just before where the water plunges down the American falls. The sunday was cold; though bright with the sun out and the yellow flowers with the American rapids in the background made this a nice view.

Taken on sunday, the 16th of September 2007, 8:30 AM using a Nikon D50
F Stop - f/8, Shutter speed 1/250th of a sec, no flash

Note: Since most of the Indians who visit the east coast of the United States make sure that they visit the Niagara falls, it is commonly known as "Niagaraeswara Devasthaana" - The temple of the god Niagaraeswara - in the (South) Indian community in the United states

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Deep blue sea

This photo was taken from the Adventure aquarium in Camden, NJ. This was a visual effect that they have created that resembles a ship wreckage with the sharks foating around. It was a dark alley over there and I was not sure whether this would come up as a good snap. And after a couple of trials with the shutter speed, it did.

Taken on 2nd September 2007 from Camden, NJ using a Nikon D50, shutter speed 0.62 sec, manual focus, no flash.

Stephenson's Rocket

This is a replica of the modern Steam Locomotive - Widely known as Stephenson's Rocket. This photo was taken from the Benjamin Franklin museum of Science in Philadelphia. I personally felt that it was too early to take my 2 year old daughter to this place, but if there is an opportunity, I would definitely like to bring her here after 7-8 years. It kind of took me back to my highschool and graduation days - Steam engine, Berneoulli's theorm (hope I spelled it right :) ), The four compartments of our heart, what is an air-lift, piezzo & pyro electricity et all...

This replica was placed with a special kind of lighting and also to allow the white light to flow in through the window. I found the lighting pretty interesting and tried to capture this photo in real colors.

Taken on 2n Sept 2007 using a Nikon D50, exposure 1/8th of a second, manual focus, no flash

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