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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunset at Baga Beach

This photograph was taken during a summer evening in 2003 at the Baga beach, North Goa. We were out for a holiday and I had this Samsung Fino 800 camera with me. I was experimenting with the lighting and I discovered the fact that photos taken in natural light, sans flash were the best. This is one among the best photographs that I had taken using an auto focus camera

On a Misty Morning

This photo was taken during one of my vacations to my hometown, Nellaya. My brother took away the camera and wanted to experiment with it. Taken at around 8 AM during mid October, 2006 using the Nikon D50, I consider this as one of the best photographs ever taken with that camera.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Navy Pier, Chicago

This photo was taken during Feb 2006 using a Nikon D50 camera when I visited Chicago. The chilly evening with the empty strollers area made this a very rare sight, added to the perfect geometry by the lamp posts & the trees

Navy Pier is a large pier on Lake michigan near Streeterville, close to Chicago's downtown. Originally known as the Municipal Pier nr 2, it is one of two piers called for in Daniel Burnham's 1909 Chicago plan. The other pier was never built

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