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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer in the City!

This one pulls my heart for my kiddo - She don't know what she is missing... She will never know the fun her parents had; growing up in large breathing spaces, where imagination was the only limit to the kind of games each of us played, never restricted to the balcony or the four walls & TVs and computers and video gaming consoles.... sigh!

Taken at the Crayola Factory on 21st June 2009 using my Canon SD100 POS camera, flash disabled, touched up using Adobe PS.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Photo taken at the Disney's Animal Kingdom - Theme Park during our Florida Vacation in the second week of May 2009 at the Dinoland USA.

Taken during a humid afternoon on 13th May 2009, 2:25 PM using a Nikkor 18-55 lens mounted on my Nikon D50 body

Exposure: 1/500th of a sec
Aperture: f/11
Focal length: 18 mm

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